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About Us

The Payroll & Cashier's Division is responsible for all cash transactions including cash receipts and disbursements. To better manage the University Fund, the Cashier's Division is to simplify the administrative procedure and to provide qualified service and efficiency in managing the annual fund of 3 billion NTD.
1.Scope of business:
    (1) Authorized by law to manage payments, disbursements, deposits, withdraws and balancing of cash, checks, certificates of deposit, and marketable securities in addition to safekeeping-related items.
    (2) Payments and refund of tuition and miscellaneous fee.
    (3) Payrolls, income tax deductions ,and return filings.
    (4) Scholarships, part-time wage, evaluation and lecture fee disbursements, and related tax return filings.
2.Automated cashier operating system:
To match up with the progressing policies and computerized condition, and to better manage the university fund, the Cashier's Division has developed nine online cashier systems to replace the DOS and Windows systems. Each of the nine systems fits the need of the university well due to thorough planning beforehand.
System list
3.To standardize operating system and to implement internal control mechanism:
The internal management of the Cashier's Division utilizes internal control mechanisms with the institutionalized operating system. Eight internal control systems were approved by the executive council on Nov. 9th, 2013. Every system will be reexamined after actual operation.
control mechanism
Through the systemized procedure operation, the Cashier's Division can provide exceptional service and quality administrative management.